Solar energy projects are complex. This is the reason why, technical, commercial and legal know-how is fundamental. Our experts at ERES are working to help you build your solar PV project, managing all its different and complex facets. ERES has a long track-record in realizing renewable energy projects, with 10 years of specialist experience, prepared experts and reliable partners.


Engineering and Design

ERES Design Team is performing its activities through the supervision and review of design provided from EPC, as well as the “in house” production; in particular, the latter is divided in for the Preliminary Design, which sees the realization of SLDs, Preliminary Layout, Indicative BoM and BoQ, Yield Simulations and Shadow Analysis; on the other end, as far as the Execution Design is concerned, the Team is capable of performing the LV- MV-AUX SLDs, Layouts and Details, Detailed Studies and Calculations, again the BoM and BoQ, IfC Yield Simulations and As Built packages.


Preparation Activities 

We conduct feasibility studies on the land to be secured through tenancy or purchase. We take care of permit and license processes, in relation to the Grid Interconnection, thanks to our 5 years' experience with the Jordanian energy regulators and distributors. We offer our knowledge of the international and local EPC suppliers, ensuring that the plant construction will be achieved by trustworthy and reliable professionals. We support you with finding investment planning/ financial/engineering, tailored on your needs. Renewable energy projects require suppliers, craftsmen and technicians work hand in hand – for many months in many cases. And we are the ones helping you to pull the strings.

✓ Feasibility studies

✓ Research or review of the project site

✓ Licensing and permitting in relation to the Grid interconnection

✓ Support to investment planning/ Financial Engineering



EPC Contractor Selection Activities

We conduct a fully comprehensive supplier selection process, including: pre-qualification analysis of the potential candidates that will be in charge of the construction of your PV plant. We take care of the RFP preparation and management, meeting all employer’s requirements and Conditions of Contract. We conduct an in-depth evaluation of technical and economical proposals of the pre-qualified bidders and we support you through the contract negotiation and award stages, so that you can make the best possible decision.

✓  Pre-qualification analysis of potential candidates

✓   RFP preparation and management: Employer's Requirements, Conditions of Contract

✓ In-depth evaluation of technical and economical proposals of the pre-qualified bidders

✓ Support to contract negotiation and award



Construction Supervision and Commissioning

We provide fully comprehensive construction supervision services, monitoring each phase of the construction process, starting from EPC drawings approval to final commissioning and acceptance of the plant.

We aim to ensure an in-depth quality evaluation of the construction processes, with experienced Project Managers. This will involve a systematic attention to details, ensuring factory and on-site acceptance tests of the equipment and the constant employment of structured project management procedures.

✓ Factory and on-site Acceptance Tests

✓ Construction supervision with experienced Project Managers

✓  Supervision of commissioning and preliminary acceptance


Post-construction monitoring and Final Acceptance

We conduct post-construction monitoring and intermediate and final acceptance evaluation tests (for a duration ranging from 12 to 24 months) of the plant.

Specifically, we conduct an in-depth analysis of the appropriateness of O&M organization and resources provided by the supplier.

We ensure continuous monitoring of the System’s production, availability and performance

✓ Appropriateness of O&M organization and resources provided by the supplier

✓ Continuous monitoring of System Production, Availability, Performance

✓ Intermediate and Final Acceptance Tests (12-24 months)