Jordan, ERES Completed 65MWp Photovoltaic Project in Safawi Area, 2019

The Ministry of Energy has held multiple rounds of bidding for the production of PV plants using Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) to reduce Jordan’s reliance on oil and gas to meet electrical demands. As part of round II bidding for four 65 MW DC sites, this project was awarded to FRV and the Consulting, Owner’s Engineer, and Construction Supervision services were contracted to ERES for the 65 MW DC (50 MW AC) project. As part of the Jordanian Governments initiative to produce 10% of its energy from solar by 2020, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development took the opportunity in invest over 60 Million EUR to allow for the development of this project which is intended to reduce foreign oil imports and in turn reduce the cost of living in Jordan.

The objective of the project is to provide Design Review, Construction Supervision, Performance Monitoring, and assistance to O&M services for the construction of a 65MW (DC) photovoltaic plant in the Safawi area

Giulia Maccagli