Lebanon, plans to develop 12 new solar plants

The Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation (LCEC), within the Ministry of Energy and Water, has invited companies to submit proposals to develop solar farms, manage them and sell electricity to Electricitè du Liban (EDL).

The chosen areas - Mount Lebanon, the North, the South, and Bekaa - are required to host between 30/45MW each of PV farms (for a total of at least 120MW). The power capacity for each one will be 10-15MW (requiring 12 solar farms).

The LCEC, according to its Director, Pierre Khoury, is working on draft power purchase agreements to allow the sale of power to EDL,once the solar farms will be completed.

The power purchase agreement with EDL will be for 20 years, based on yearly payments.

Applicants are accepted from companies or joint ventures. It is up to investors to secure the land and develop solar farms.


SOURCE: businessnews.com.lb